How to Pick Your Own Auto Parts From a Salvage Yard

When you pick your own auto parts from a salvage yard, you can save you lots of money. However, getting your own auto parts from a junkyard involves a different process than buying them from a mechanic’s shop or an auto dealership. If you aren’t familiar with the process for how to pick your own auto parts from a salvage yard, below is an overview of what you need to do to get the quality used auto components that you need to repair your automobile.

Check Online Vehicle Inventories

Professionally owned and operated salvage lots typically list their vehicle inventory on their business website. You can use the inventory to search for the automobile from which you need components. You will need to visit the salvage lot in person to check on availability of parts.

Read a Salvage Lot’s Safety Policies

Most professional salvage lots have a strict list of safety policies that everybody must adhere to when they are in the vehicle lot, such as no smoking, no use of flame cutters, and wearing closed toed shoes. Violating the policies may result in being asked to leave the premises.

Bring Your Own Tools

A junkyard supplies you with pre-owned auto components, but it doesn’t provide the tools you need to remove them. The exception is when the business provides engine pulling A-frames for removing engines. Even if you use this tool, you would still need to bring tools to free the engine.

Bring Extra Manpower if Necessary

If you need to remove a large part such as an engine or a flatbed from a flatbed truck, it’s a good idea to request help with the task. Because a junkyard doesn’t physically help people remove components, be sure to bring all the extra manpower you will need to safely remove them.

Remove Parts and Pay for Them

After you have removed the components you need, it’s time to take them to the payment destination and make payment. Some junkyards provide customers with wagons and wheelbarrows for transporting parts. If this equipment is available, take advantage of it.


There are five basic steps you should take to pick your own auto parts from a salvage yard: check online vehicle inventories, read through a junkyard’s safety policies, bring your own tools, bring extra manpower if necessary, and remove the components you need and pay for them. For more information about purchasing pre-owned auto components from a junkyard, contact any of Wrench-A-Part’s locations in Texas — Austin, Belton, or Lubbock — for assistance.


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