How to Pick Your Own Auto Parts From a Junkyard

If you are tired of paying full price for auto parts every time your vehicle needs a fix, there’s an alternative to buying components from auto dealerships or a mechanic’s shop. Instead, you can pick your own auto parts from a junkyard. Junkyards buy salvage vehicles and sell the parts at a steep discount; buyers often save at least 50 percent off the original price. Below is a outline of what you need to do to pick your own auto parts from a junkyard and enjoy the savings.

Check a Junkyard’s Inventory Online

You can save time by checking a business’ inventory online. If it doesn’t have the car you need in stock, simply move to the next business and check its inventory online. Nowadays most professionally operated junkyards have a website where they list their latest inventory. If a salvage lot carries the car from which you need a part, call to ask about the part’s availability.

Bring Your Own Tools

One reason why junkyards sell automotive components at steep discounts is that you perform the work of removing the components. This means you will need to bring your toolbox with you to the salvage lot. In most cases, a wrench set, a screwdriver set, a mallet to tap parts loose, and clamps to secure portions of large parts while you remove them is all you will need.

Pay Attention to Safety Rules

Professionally operated junkyards have strict safety rules that help protect customers and help prevent themselves from being exposed to injury lawsuits. When you enter a salvage lot, be prepared to not smoke, not use flame cutting equipment, and not wear open toe shoes. As common sense would dictate, you should also be sober and leave any kind of alcohol at home.

Feel Free to Ask for Assistance

Most junkyard customers remove parts on their own without help from junkyard attendants. However, there are certain situations in which customers need help. For example, if you want to remove an engine block, you will need an engine pulling A-frame to remove it, and a wagon to transport the part to the payment destination. Good junkyards supply the A-frame and wagon.


Buying components from a junkyard isn’t hard. Just check the seller’s inventory online to see if it has the vehicle you need, call to inquire about the specific part, bring your own tools to remove the part, follow the safety rules that are posted near the salvage lot, and ask for help moving or transporting large components if you need assistance. For more information about how to pick your own auto parts from a junkyard, contact a professionally operated junkyard in your area today.

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