How to Pick and Pull Car Parts in Austin, TX: Tips From Junkyards

A professionally owned and operated junkyard is a great place to get auto parts for less than they would cost at a mechanic’s shop or an auto dealership. However, if this is your first time getting car components from a junkyard that lets you pick and pull car parts in Austin, TX, it is important to understand how the part removal process works. To aid you in removing parts, below are some helpful tips from junkyards about how to pick and pull car parts in Austin, TX.

Consult the Online Inventory First

Limiting your search for a junkyard to businesses that list their vehicle inventories online can save lots of time. Instead of traveling from junkyard to junkyard to find the parts you need, you can search for the vehicle from which you need parts by performing a simple web search.

Review a Junkyard’s Safety Policies

Most professional junkyards have safety precautions that customers must follow while they are in the salvage lot, such as no smoking, no drinking alcohol, and no using cutting torches. Before you visit a junkyard, review its safety policies so you don’t unwittingly violate one of them.

Remember to Bring Your Tools

To pick and pull car parts in Austin, TX, at a junkyard, you need to bring your own tools. In most cases, a wrench set or a ratchet wrench set, a set of screwdrivers, and a mallet for tapping parts loose is all you need. Bringing a can of lubricant to loosen tight bolts is also a good idea.

Ask for Assistance if You Need It

You can remove most parts on your own. However, if you need assistance removing a large part like an engine block, don’t hesitate to ask for help. At Wrench-A-Part, we’ll help you remove an engine block by providing an engine pulling A-frame, a tool you probably don’t have at home.

Contact Wrench-A-Part Today

Wrench-A-Part is a professionally owned and operated junkyard that lets you pick and pull car parts in Austin, TX. We also have locations in Belton, TX, and Lubbock, TX. If you need quality used car parts for a great price, just browse through our online inventory to see if we have the right automobile in stock. If we do, then call us at (512) 501-6946 to learn whether the vehicle contains the components you need for your car. We look forward to hearing from you!


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