How to Pick and Pull Car Parts in Austin, TX: Frequently Asked Questions

If you live in Austin and are tired of paying full price for auto parts, getting parts from a junkyard (a.k.a. salvage lot) is an excellent option. Auto components at junkyards are steeply discounted, with many parts costing less than 50 percent of their original price. If you are interested in getting your next repair part from a junkyard, but you want more information about the process before you do business with a salvage lot for the first time, the answers below should be helpful.

Do junkyards list their inventories online?

Customer oriented junkyards often list their inventory online to make it easier for customers to find parts. After you check the inventory and find the automobile from which you need a part, you can call the junkyard to determine whether the vehicle still contains the component you need.

Do I have to remove parts on my own?

A junkyard that lets you pick and pull car parts in Austin, TX, requires you to remove parts using your own tools. You also have the option of buying from a junkyard that pulls parts for you. However, because the business performs the labor, the part is likely to have a higher price.

What if I need help removing a large part?

Customer oriented junkyards will help you remove a part that is too large for you to handle on your own. For example, Wrench-A-Part provides engine pulling A-frames to assist with removing engines, and wagons and wheelbarrows for transporting parts to the payment destination.

How can I tell if a part is still usable?

Professionally operated junkyards that let you pick and pull car parts in Austin, TX, do their best to eliminate recalcitrant parts from cars they buy. Even so, a bad part could be accidentally overlooked. This is why it’s important to buy a warranty for any part you buy from a salvage lot.

Is it possible to buy a warranty for a part?

As mentioned above, it’s possible to buy part warranties when you pick and pull car parts in Austin, TX, from a junkyard. For example, Wrench-A-Part offers a warranty of $1 per part per day. Buying a warranty helps protect you from owning parts that malfunction soon after the sale.

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Wrench-A-Part is a professionally operated junkyard that helps you get auto parts for low prices. We list our inventory online to make it easy for you to find the parts you need, and will assist you with removing and transporting parts that are too large to handle on your own. If you need discounted auto parts, don’t bother buying them from an auto dealership or a mechanic’s shop. Instead, come to Wrench-A-Part, and get the parts you need for a price you can afford.

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