Getting Used Car Parts at a Junkyard in Texas: Do Junkyards Help You Remove Parts?

If you live in Texas and need to save money on auto parts, getting used car parts at a Junkyard in Texas is a great option. In most cases, used components from a junkyard cost at least 50 percent less than new components from an auto dealer. However, getting components from a junkyard is more involved than getting them from a mechanic. You have travel to the junkyard and acquire the parts before you can have them installed.

Do junkyards help you remove the parts you need, or must you do it on your own?

Ultimately, the answers depends on the policies of a particular junkyard. However, the policy at most salvage lots is that you have to remove parts on your own. Having customers remove their own components helps keep the cost of the parts low. If a salvage lot staffed mechanics who performed all the work, the overhead of the business would increase considerably, and so would the cost of parts.

Getting Help with Large Parts

While it requires more time and effort than purchasing components through an auto dealer, bringing your own tools and getting used car parts at a junkyard in Texas rewards you with low prices. However, there may be some instances when the tools you have won’t be sufficient for removing a large part, such as an engine block, or transporting a large collection of smaller components to the payment location.

In these situations, many junkyards, including Wrench-A-Part, provide you with an engine pulling a-frame for removing large parts, and wagon and/or wheelbarrow for transporting parts. So, if you need to remove a large component or transport cumbersome components to the front of the yard, you can depend on receiving assistance in the from an engine pulling a-frame or wagons and wheelbarrows.

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If you need to save money on auto parts, getting used car parts at a junkyard in Texas is a great option, and getting them from Wrench-A-Part is the best idea of all. We provide a safe, clean lot, and assist you with removing large parts and transporting parts to the front of the yard. For more information about our inventory and services, call one of our locations in Austin, Belton, or Lubbock today.

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