Free Towing: A Key Cost Saver When Selling a Junker

Any driver who has had a broken down car towed several miles to a repair shop knows how expensive one-way towing service can be. The hook up fee, which is charged to literally load the vehicle on the truck, and the total per mileage cost can easily add up to hundreds of dollars.

Most drivers incur towing fees when they have a car towed to an auto dealership or a mechanic’s shop for repairs, but they can also end up paying towing fees when they sell an end-of-life automobile to a junkyard, and have the business send a tow truck to the car’s location to tow it back to the vehicle salvage lot.

Towing Fees Vs. Sale Price

The average junk car fetches a few hundred dollars from a professionally operated junkyard — an amount that’s also similar to what you might pay for towing service if the buyer charges for it. Moreover, you could conceivably owe more for towing service than you receive for your junker, putting you at a financial loss in the transaction, which is something no one wants to happen when they sell a junker; they expect to get paid by the junkyard, not pay the junkyard.

This is why Wrench-A-Part offers free towing in Belton and at our other Texas salvage lot locations in Austin, Holland, and Lubbock. Unlike some junkyards — particularly small ones that have a single location — which use third party towing companies, and thus have little choice but to charge for towing, we own our own fleet of trucks, and absorb the cost of operating it as a part of our dedication to customer service.   

Don’t Get Stuck With a Bill

When you sell your car to us, we know you expect to be paid a competitive price in cash, the full amount of which is all profit within the context of the sale — and that’s exactly what you get. Some junkyards don’t offer free towing in Belton, but we offer the service for every vehicle we purchase, whether it still runs and can be driven to the salvage lot, or must be towed there.

To sell your junk car for a great price, and take advantage of our free towing in Belton, please call our Belton location today at (254) 831-4905, ext. 1, or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you receive the most money for your end-of-life vehicle.     

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