Four Ways That Auto Recycling Impacts the Junkyard Business

Professionally operated junkyards and auto recycling businesses often work hand in hand to support auto recycling practices. Much has been said about the relationship from the standpoint of how junkyards can impact the auto recycling business, but less has been mentioned about how auto recycling affects the junkyard business. In this entry, we look at four basic ways in which auto recycling businesses impact junkyards that participate in the auto recycling process.

1. Revenue Streams

The opportunity to sell recyclables to recyclers gives junkyards the chance to earn streams of revenue that bolster the bottom line. For example, car frames can be sold to a vehicle recycler, and spent tires can be liquidated to a tire recycler. Because the buyer can sell the recycled material for more than it paid for the raw material, it is a beneficial situation for both parties.

2. Business Competition

Junkyards and recyclers do not share the same industry. So, they do not compete with each other from a sales standpoint. However, they do share at least one customer demographic: People who are interested in recycling junk vehicles. However, because junkyards and auto recyclers benefit each other in terms of revenue, they share this demographic without qualms.

3. Scrap Metal Disposal

After an end-of-life vehicle is stripped of usable parts, junkyards need an efficient way to get rid of the leftover vehicle frames. Auto recyclers can meet this need. Just as junkyards assist consumers by picking up end-of-life vehicles and transporting them to the junkyard, recyclers can assist junkyards by picking up car frames and transporting them to the recycling center.

4. “Green” Status

Consumers and companies are increasingly interested in supporting and working with businesses whose operating practices are environmentally friendly, or “green”, as it were, because the practices support the eco friendly green movement. Junkyards that participate in auto recycling have a feather in their cap that attracts like-minded businesses and individuals.

Planning to Recycle Your Vehicle?

If so, Wrench-A-Part is here to help. We contribute to the auto recycling process by selling quality, used auto parts to consumers, which keeps the parts in circulation and out of landfills, and by forwarding leftover recyclable materials to recyclers. To receive a free price quote for your end-of-life vehicle, contact one of our Texas locations in Austin, Belton, Holland, or Lubbock today. We look forward to making you a competitive offer for your junk vehicle!

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