Four Ways Auto Recycling Benefits the Junkyard Industry

In our company blog, we’ve written several times about how professionally operated junkyards that are dedicated to recycling vehicles benefit the auto recycling industry. In this entry, we’re flipping the coin to look at things from the opposite perspective: how auto recyclers benefit the junkyard industry. Several benefits can be listed, but four stand out above the rest: scrap metal disposal, revenue generation, support of green business practices, and customer confidence.

1. Scrap Metal Disposal

Junkyards help auto recyclers by providing them with automotive scrap metal in the form of car frames, and auto recyclers help junkyards by taking the scrap metal to the recycling destination. Stripped down car frames can’t be sold to consumers, and, if it weren’t for recyclers, there would essentially be two options for disposing of the metal: Put the frames in a landfill and cover them over, or let them rust away in a remote area of the junkyard.

2. Revenue Generation

Just as auto manufacturers buy refined scrap metal from auto recyclers to build new vehicles, auto recyclers purchase unrefined scrap metal from junkyards to refine it. This creates a valuable revenue stream for junkyards that steadily sell a high volume of used auto components from junk cars, and thus produce a high volume of stripped vehicle frames annually.

3. Green Practices

When you run a junkyard, operating as a “green” business can be tough. You have to ensure that engine fluids from junkers don’t leak out of their reservoirs; you should invest in commercial tow trucks that are relatively fuel efficient, which can be quite a challenge; and you also have to find alternative recyclers for leftover auto materials that auto recyclers won’t touch.

However, one thing that you don’t have to do is figure out what to do with all of those stripped down car frames that keep popping up, as you sell used parts. As mentioned above, auto recyclers are more than willing to transport spent car frames away from the salvage lot.

4. Customer Confidence

We live in an era where consumers increasingly favor eco friendly businesses over businesses whose practices aren’t environmentally sound. If you could get parts from a junkyard that participated in auto recycling or a junkyard that sent leftover materials to a landfill, which would you choose, all other factors being equal? The auto recycling industry helps junkyards operate “greener”, which is good for business at a time when the green movement is in full swing.

Need to Recycle a Vehicle?

If so, there are three good reasons to offer your automobile to Wrench-A-Part: We’ll make you a competitive offer for the vehicle if you wish to sell it instead of donate it, usable parts from the car will be sold to consumers, which helps reduce energy consumption by reducing the need to create new parts, and leftover parts and materials will be forwarded to the proper recyclers. To receive a free quote, call us or email us today by using the contact form on our website.

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