Four Reasons Pick Your Own Parts From a Junkyard

Junkyards (a.k.a. salvage lots) aren’t just places where mechanically inclined people go to buy discount auto parts. The businesses are also frequented by people whose mechanical knowledge is limited but have figured out just how easy it is to pick your own auto parts from a professionally operated junkyard. If you are considering getting auto parts from a salvage lot instead of an auto dealership or a mechanic’s shop, below are four good reasons to do so.

Less Expensive Than New Parts

The parts you buy from junkyards cost far less than their original price. Discounts of 50 percent and higher are not uncommon. If you plan on driving your automobile for a long period of time, buying repair parts from a junkyard instead of a dealership can save you thousands of dollars.

Used Parts Can Be as Reliable as New Ones

In our consumeristic culture, people typically associate new products with better value and reliability than used products. When it comes to car parts, however, pre-owned parts can be just as valuable and reliable as new ones. In fact, some junkers contain parts that are nearly new.

Part Warranties Are Available

Proving the point that used auto parts can be just as reliable as new ones, Wrench-A-Part offers a part warranty of $1 per part per day. If you are concerned that a used auto part may not perform as expected, simply purchase a warranty on the part that runs for long as you wish.

Contributes to Auto Recycling

When you pick your own auto parts from a junkyard, you contribute to the auto recycling process. Whether a pre-owned part is recycled or reused, it stays out of the landfill. Reducing landfill use can help to curb soil contamination, water contamination, and air pollution.

Contact Wrench-A-Part

Wrench-A-Part is professionally operated salvage lot that sells quality, pre-owned parts at great discounts. All you need to do to pick your own auto parts from our junkyard is travel to one of our locations in Austin, Belton, or Lubbock, and bring your own tools to remove the parts you need. We also list our inventory for each location online to make it easier to find the car you need. For more information about our services and inventory, contact one of our locations today.

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