Earth Day- How junk yards help protect the Earth

Walking into a junk yard the first thing that comes to mind typically isn’t environmentally friendly. But digging deeper you realize that junk yards help protect the Earth everyday.

Salvage yards recycle thousands of used vehicles. End of life vehicles usually include hazardous materials and liquids that when handles incorrectly can be very harmful to the environment. Junk yards across the country have the responsibility to follow all government regulations to reduce the negative impact of hazardous waste on our environment and provide safe and clean work areas for potential buyers.

Junk yards help protect the Earth by recycling as much of the vehicle as possible, leaving very little to waste. Most parts are resold and scrap materials are taken to recycling facilities all around the world. Any materials that cannot be reused are disposed of properly.

Why is it so important to recycle or reuse all parts of vehicles? These recycled and reused parts, along with steel and aluminum, help reduce the demand for new parts, saving energy and resources to build new materials and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases sent to the atmosphere when making these new parts. Recycling of fluids and oils reduces the use of new hazardous materials and conserves natural resources. Buying used car parts can save you a significant amount of money which is an extra plus for your wallet!


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