DIY Car Repair

For regular DIY car repair and maintenance there are some easy and quick suggestions on what you can do to keep your car running smoothly.

Even if you’re not a car mechanic these DIY car repairs will help save in future repair bills.

Change Your Coolant

Coolants should be changed out every 25,000 miles if it’s the green coolant and every 100,000 miles if it’s the extended-life coolant. Replacing the coolant will help save your radiator, heater core and water pump. Without replacing it, expect to have pretty expensive repairs on the radiator and more.

Change Fluids Regularly

If you are able to change the fluids and oil yourself, this is fairly inexpensive and well worth it. Changing them out when your vehicle says, or when you’ve reached the milage where it needs replacing, be sure to do so. Replacing the components that corrode when your don’t change out the fluids and oil can cost you about $1,500 each component! Not worth the risk!

Replace Air Filters Every Year

When you don’t replace your air filters the cabins air filters get clogged which puts stress on your car’s A/C system. In Texas, where you blast the A/C most of the year, you don’t what it going out in mid summer. Make sure to replace these once a year.

Test Your Coolant

Test your coolant with a voltmeter. Set your digital voltmeter on the lowest DC setting reading and dip the positive probe right into the coolant. Touch the negative probe to the negative battery terminal and rev the engine to 2,000 rpm. If the reading is .4 volts or more, your coolant is toast.

Clean Your Headlights

Often times this can seem like a cosmetic problem but if you let it get too foggy it can turn into a real issue. If your headlights are cloudy you can pull a light if we have your car make and model in inventory, or you can buy a headlight restoration kit at most auto parts store. These are usually around $20. The kits have instructions for sanding and buffing.

Clean Corroded Battery Terminals

Anytime there is corrosion it adds strain to the working parts. In the battery terminals if there is corrosion it forces the charging system to work harder and can lead to issues with the computer-controlled systems. Cleaning these terminals is by far the cheapest way to prevent electrical problems.

Repair a Malfunctioning Defroster Grid

This is an easy DIY car repair job. Buy a Permatex Quick Grid repair kit, usually around $13 at auto parts stores. Apply and follow instructions and your car will be back to defrosting!

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