Consumer Awareness: 4 Types of Salvage Yards to Avoid

In practically every industry, there are businesses that are optimal to do business with, and ones that aren’t. The salvage yard industry is no exception. How do know which salvage yards to avoid and which ones to frequent? The list of answers could be long, but there are four types of junkyards that most people should put at the bottom of their list.

1. Yards That Don’t Help With Engines

If you’re looking for the original hubcaps for the entry level 2004 Ford Taurus, this doesn’t apply to you. But, if you would like to pull the engine out of that car, it probably does. Every junkyard expects you to “pull your own parts”, but they should offer assistance with removing a whole engine that your trusty toolbox simply can’t handle. What you need is an engine pulling A-frame.

2. Yards That Don’t Offer Part Warranties

Any entity that sells an auto part should be willing to back up the part’s reliability with a warranty, especially if the customer is so generous as to pay for the warranty. We offer a parts warranty of $1 per part, per day, which is pretty fair, as warranties go: inexpensive in the short-term. Insure a part for a few weeks and see how it works. If it doesn’t quit, you’ve probably got a reliable part.

3. Yards That Don’t Have Safety Rules

Yards that don’t have safety rules posted somewhere obvious are often removed from public view, located down a long gravel road, with uneventful desert scenery. But, wherever you find them, don’t enter the gate. You probably wouldn’t get hurt by Leatherface, from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Something more like a flame cutting torch accidentally igniting an engine.

4. Yards With a Bad Record at the BBB

When business-to-consumer companies have a bad record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it’s usually because they have a score of unresolved customer complaints. The BBB lets you know about this, because the next unresolved complaint could be yours. Keep it mind when you’re online, looking through recent activity for salvage yards at the BBB.

About Wrench-A-Part

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