Common Maintenance Parts Found at Auto Salvage Yards

If you drive a new car carefully, you can often avoid making repairs to the vehicle for thousands of miles. However, as you drive those miles, you’ll need to maintain the vehicle by installing maintenance parts that keep it in good driving condition.

Professionally operated junkyards are great places to get replacement parts for a discount. If you need any of the following components, see if you can find them at auto salvage yards (a.k.a. junkyards) before you resort to buying them from an auto repair shop or an auto dealer.


Auto belts such as timing belts and serpentine belts can withstand thousands of miles of wear, but they eventually degrade. Junkyards are a good source for these and other belts because a faulty belt is rarely a problem that causes a car to end up in a junkyard. Some belts you find in a junkyard are so new that they show practically no wear.


Many tires at auto salvage yards are in great condition for the same reason belts are: The car that had them was in a wreck that “totaled” the car but left its tires virtually untouched.

According to Consumer Reports, “Tires are considered bald when one or more of their grooves reaches 2/32 of an inch deep.” Punctures in the tire and dry rotting can also impact performance. As long as used tires have no major signs of wear and maintain an airtight seal, getting them from auto salvage yards is highly cost effective.

Brake Pads

Because brake pads are designed to last for thousands of miles, you shouldn’t have a problem finding pads in good condition at a junkyard. The dense composite material that forms brake pads makes them hard to damage, which helps explain why they often emerge from wrecks unscathed. With brake pads, what you see is usually what you get. If they have plenty of padding, you can count on using them for thousands of miles.

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