What if Your Car is Already in the Salvage Lot?

Most consumers seldom make significant purchases for things they already have, unless those things have a short lifespan and need to be replaced often. The same principle applies to salvage yards that offer cash for wrecked cars.

A professional junkyard that pays cash for wrecked cars may already have a vehicle like yours in stock. However, because salable, used parts from the vehicle are likely to be sold quickly — especially if the car is a popular, late model — the junkyard is likely to be interested in taking the car off of your hands, even though a clone of the vehicle is already in stock.

Factors That Fuel the Need for Parts

Several factors that make it plausible for a junkyard to purchase a car it already has in stock. One of the main factors is low prices for parts. It isn’t uncommon to find parts on junk vehicles that sell for well below 50 percent of their original price. Because the parts are reliable and priced to sell, consumers typically snap them up at a prolific rate.

A second factor that continually fuels the need for parts, and makes it likely that a junkyard would be interested in owning several junk vehicles of the same kind, is the mechanical history of the vehicle in question. Even while still within their expected life span, some cars are more reliable than others.

A less reliable vehicle often generates a high need for replacement parts for the particular make and model. If you have a vehicle that falls into this category, chances are that a professional junkyard would be interested in acquiring it.

A third factor that fuels the need for pre-owned auto parts is the fact that many consumers own their car for a number of years after paying it off, simply because they don’t want a car payment. However, when you drive a vehicle for over 100,000 miles, you’ll almost certainly need some repairs along the way. If your car is still commonly driven but is on the brink of being considered an “early” model, it’s parts may be in high demand.

Get Cash for Your Wrecked Car

Wrecked cars appear worthless to casual observers, but junkyards routinely pay hundreds of dollars for a single wrecked vehicle that still contains a good selection of used parts. Even if an exact copy of your vehicle is in a junkyard’s inventory in non-wrecked condition, it’s the value and demand for the car’s parts — and not how the vehicle looks — that matters most.

Wrench-A-Part offers cash for wrecked cars. To receive a free price quote for your end-of-life automobile, please call one of our Texas locations in Austin, Belton, Holland, or Lubbock today. We look forward to making you a competitive, cash offer for your wrecked vehicle.

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