Cash for Wrecked Cars: Used Auto Parts You Thought Were Worthless

Sometimes, a wrecked vehicle is affordable to repair. Other times, the vehicle is so damaged that the driver’s auto insurance provider considers it not worth fixing and “totals” the car, paying the owner for the remaining value of the vehicle in the form of a lump sum check. However, the driver can often receive additional hundreds of dollars by selling the wreck to a junkyard, with the amount received based on the value of the usable parts the car contains.

Parts You Thought Were Worthless

When we think about used parts that a junkyard that offers cash for wrecked cars would be able to sell, major mechanical components such as clutches, driveshafts, and exhaust manifolds quickly come to mind, but there are also some parts that are commonly considered “worthless”, but which junkyards routinely sell to consumers who are looking for excellent prices. Below are three common examples of these types of used auto components.

1. Tires

The condition of tires is relatively easy to assess. As long as they have plenty of tread, display no cracking due to weather-related wear, and have no leaks, there’s no reason why junkyards that offer cash for wrecked cars can’t sell the tires to customers who need a new set. It’s often said not to reuse used tires, but the tires that this observation applies to are ones that are dangerous to use due to heavy wear or damage that causes inflation problems.

2. Brake Pads

Depending on their composition, brake pads can last for tens of thousands of miles. Because professional junkyards routinely stock late model wrecked cars and late model lemon cars that have few miles on the odometer, they’re a good place to look for brake pads that display only minor wear. If your end-of-life automobile still has good brake pads in place, their value will be considered when a junkyard that pays cash for wrecked cars makes you an offer.

3. Filters

Vehicle filters are like tires and brake pads in that they lack resale value when they are heavily used but do have resale value when they are still within their expected lifespan. Oil filters, air intake filters, and special exhaust filters are good examples of used filters that some junkyard customers are interested in purchasing when the components are still in good condition.

Plan to Sell Your Junk Car?

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