Do Junkyards Buy Lemon Vehicles?

If you live in Killeen, Texas, and have a lemon vehicle that you would like to get rid of, you may wonder whether you could sell the car to a junkyard that offers cash for cars in Killeen. In most cases, the answer would be yes. Most junkyards are interested in purchasing vehicles that are classified under state or federal law as legal “lemons”. Below are four reasons why.

The Cars Often Have a Single Defect

Many lemon vehicles exhibit a single, persistent defect whose inability to be repaired qualifies them for legal lemon status. A junkyard can simply remove the recalcitrant part or system from a lemon vehicle to ensure that no one buys it, and then sell the remaining good components to consumers.

The Cars Are Often Rather New

In most states, a lemon vehicle is one that has a persistent mechanical or safety defect that can’t be repaired in a certain number of tries within a certain range of miles. Because a car must typically have under 20,000 miles to qualify for lemon status under state law, many cars are labeled lemons while they are still quite new, and thus contain parts that many drivers need.

The Cars Contain Hundreds of Salable Parts

When vehicles are rather new when they are granted lemon status, they tend to have hundreds of original parts under the hood, in the cabin, and on the body that show little to no wear. This can make a lemon vehicle a veritable goldmine in terms of salable parts, and make it well worth a junkyard’s time to remove the troublesome part or system that can’t be repaired.

The Cars Are Sold as Parts, Not Used Vehicles

Many states have laws that make it illegal to sell a lemon vehicle as a used car. Consequently, junkyards aren’t willing to risk having their business license revoked for selling vehicles of undisclosed lemon status as used automobiles. If you sell your lemon to a junkyard that offers cash for cars in Killeen, you can rest assured that it won’t be placed in the used car lot.


Many junkyards that offer cash for cars in Killeen, Texas, are interested in buying lemon vehicles for at least four reasons: the cars often have a single defect, are often rather new, often contain hundreds of salable parts, and are sold part by part, not as used vehicles. To receive a price quote for your lemon vehicle, call the Wrench-A-Part location nearest you today, or simply fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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