How to Expedite the Sale of Your Junker

When it comes to selling anything, the seller is usually interested in making the sale as quickly as possible. Selling a junker vehicle is no exception. However, as with other types of sales, there are measures you can take to speed up the process of receiving payment. If you’re ready to liquidate your junker vehicle to a junkyard that offers cash for cars in Belton, below are four helpful steps you can take to expedite the sale, and get cash your hands fast.

1. Remove Personal Items

When it’s driven for years, a car can become a repository of person effects ranging from ATM receipts to items of clothing. A junkyard generally won’t refuse to buy a car because it contains such items, but the seller typically wants the items removed. Don’t wait until the junkyard tow truck shows up at your location to start cleaning out the inside of the vehicle. Do it beforehand.

2. Secure Proof of Ownership

For legal purposes, a professionally operated junkyard will ask you to prove that you own the vehicle. You can do this by providing any of the following documents: owner’s title, auction sales receipt, mechanic’s lien, storage lot lien, or a repossession affidavit. Have proof of ownership ready when the tow truck arrives at your property. Otherwise, the sale of the car will be delayed.

3. Avoid Price Haggling

It doesn’t make sense to price haggle over a junk vehicle for two reasons. First, because the car is usually worth a few hundred dollars at most, the time you spend haggling simply isn’t worth the potential payoff. Second, receiving a price increase is unlikely, as the buyer firmly bases the financial value of the vehicle on the worth of its salable parts and the scrap metal it contains.

4. Receive Prompt Payment

You should be paid when you relinquish ownership of the vehicle and not a minute later. Most Junkyards that pay cash for cars in Belton are quite good about providing prompt payment in cash, as it helps them helps reduce the volume of money stored in the business office from the sale of used auto parts. Before the tow truck drives away, you should have cash in hand.

We Offer Cash for Cars in Belton

If you need to sell your junk car as quickly as possible, Wrench-A-Part is the junkyard to call. We travel to your location, pay you in cash, and tow away the automobile for free. We sell a high volume of reliable, used parts from end-of-life vehicles, which means that we need to acquire new vehicles as expeditiously as possible. To receive a free price quote for your car, truck, or SUV, give us a call today at (254) 831-4905 ext. 1, or fill out the contact form on our website.

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