Buying Used Truck Parts at Salvage Yard

Whether you are fixing up grandpa’s old Ford or seeking body parts for your brand-new Chevrolet, the salvage yard can be your best friend. Used truck parts are cheaper than brand new and when it comes to older vehicles, often more readily available. Of course, before you head to the local u-pull salvage yard, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

New or Salvage?

There are certain parts you are simply better off purchasing new. This applies to most electrical components such as starters, alternators, electric window motors and such. This is simply because they are already fairly economical new and are regularly replaced components. Thankfully, there are relatively few parts that fall into this category.

Obtaining Parts

The next step in your journey is to shop around for good prices and availability. Now, you will likely find there are a couple different types of salvage yards – ones that will pull the parts for you and those that allow you to pull it yourself. There are pros and cons to both types. Obviously, when the yard pulls it for you, the process is much simpler, but they are often a bit more expensive and will not be looking to give you the best part available.

Pulling Parts

If you have decided to go with a pull it salvage yard, you need to go prepared. Make sure you have the following:

  • Knowledge: A repair manual will give you detailed instructions on part removal, not only will you learn proper process you will know which tools to use as well.
  • Tools: Take a well-stocked basic tool kit with you. Even if you know what you need specifically, you never know when you will run into unexpected issues. So, be sure you have what the job requires along with a basic socket set, open end wrenches, hammer and screwdrivers.

The best way to remove parts at a junk yard is patiently and methodically. Take your time to fully understand what you need as far as parts go as well as what tools you are going to need. Buying used truck parts at salvage yards is a great way to get your project finished in a hurry and under budget.

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