Buy Cheap Used Car Parts in Lubbock Texas: 3 Tips

You’re looking to buy cheap used car parts in Lubbock, Texas. But this is your first time heading to the salvage lot to see how much money you can save compared to buying new. Expect to save quite a bit, but there are three considerations involved in making an educated purchase: how much a part costs new, the overall condition of a part, and customer demand for a part.

1. How Much a Part Costs New

Say you want to buy a whole engine, but it costs hundreds of dollars. That price may not be what you consider “cheap”, but if the engine would cost several thousands of dollars new, you’re likely getting a good deal. Cheap used car parts in Lubbock, Texas, cost less than they did new, but the original price of a part does have a bearing on the salvage yard price.

2. Overall Condition of a Part

The condition of a part also impacts how much you’ll pay. For example, if you buy a starter from an old, wrecked vehicle that just had the part installed before a minor accident “totalled” the vehicle, you’ll probably pay more for the component than you would pay if it had more wear. Would you rather pay a bit more for a newer part that ostensibly has more use remaining?

3. Customer Demand for a Part

If there’s high demand for a part from a particular vehicle, the part may cost more than the same part from another vehicle. For example, it wouldn’t be uncommon if an alternator for a 2012 Ford Taurus had a higher price tag than the same part installed in a 2002 Ford Taurus. Supply and demand is a cost factor for salvage parts, although it’s impact is relatively moderate.

Need Cheap Used Car Parts?

If you need to buy cheap used car parts in Lubbock, Texas, contact Wrench-A-Part today by calling (806) 748-7278, use our contact form, or take advantage of our online inventory, and search our Lubbock location for the vehicle you need components from.

We sell a variety of reliable, used vehicle parts — new model and early model, foreign and domestic — for highly competitive prices. We also give you the option of purchasing a parts warranty for an affordable rate of $1 per part, per day. If we have what you need, pay us a visit today, and get it for a nice discount!

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