Bring tools to Salvage Yards

Most of us know that you need to take along basic tools like a spanner, screwdriver, pliers, hammer and some wires to hold parts in place when looking for junk yard parts. You need these tools because junkyards don’t pull your chosen parts and hand them over to you. You need to do all the pulling and unscrewing, which is done better with tools you are comfortable using.

Some other interesting things and tools you need to carry along with you for auto part removal at a salvage yard include a bucket insert to hold all your tools and small parts you take off.

A flashlight proves helpful when checking out vehicle nooks and crannies and to make sure you remove the right part. It’s also better if you note how many bolts keep the parts in place and if there are any clips as they all help to ensure a smooth removal process.

You need to carry a few bags and a marker or two to keep left and right hardware separate when ripping apart things like door sets. A notepad also proves helpful for jotting down measurements because you can’t always rely on your memory!

Wear the right attire

As you will be getting dirty, you need to wear the right clothes that are not only comfortable but keep you safe. Wear closed-toe shoes or boots to protect your feet from heavy tools and car parts.

You also need safety glasses to protect your eyes from debris and dust. Long pants like jeans or overalls always offer more and better protection than shorts, along with a jacket to protect your arms.

Restricted tools

Do not carry restricted tools like a cutting torch and jacks to junkyards. It’s also not advised to drink or carry any alcohol to the salvage yard because alcohol can affect your speed and judgment. Not only is auto part removal safer when sober, most junkyards even ask you to leave and may not even let you return if you are caught with alcohol.

As some salvage yards may not have power, it’s worth carrying a charged cordless screwdriver or reciprocating saw to help make removing junk yard parts so much easier and quicker.

Wrench-A-part is an ideal place to head for junk yard parts. They not only have an extensive inventory of used car parts to choose from, they also provide A-frames, wheelbarrows and physical assistance to carry your heavy used car parts like engines around.

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