Best Prices Given on Car Parts at Salvage Yards

Old is gold goes the adage, and it aptly applies to your junk cars. Yes, the junk car in front of you is a treasure to a salvage yard. Junkyards are always on the lookout for unique and reusable used auto parts and may offer much better rates for some parts than auto dealerships.

Junk yard used car parts fetch a good rate because of the high demand for them among car owners. They can save quite a lot of money buying these usable parts instead of brand new ones to replace any damaged or worn out part of their car.

It is better if you know a bit about used car part prices before junking your car. Sometimes, the amount you expect to receive will differ from the amount the salvage yard offers you.

Supply and demand determine used car part prices

One of the reasons for varying prices is that of supply and demand. The best prices are given to car parts that are high in demand by customers, especially if other yards don’t have the same car parts in stock.

Used car part prices also depend on how much the junkyard decides to pay for it, which again depends on different factors. One of the factors is if the car you are selling is reliable and is still functioning or if it’s complete junk and inoperable. If your car drives, you can expect to receive as much as mentioned in a respected car price guide.

Initial and final rates should be quite similar

If you are selling a junker, a guide may not prove useful in determining the car parts’ value. If this is the case, it’s better to collect quotes from at least three different salvage yards so that you can compare them. While the rates these junkyards quote should be about the same, some may be slightly more or less than others.

If you inquire about junk yard used car parts over the phone, you have to be extra careful when trading your car. Sometimes, the junkyard may quote different final offers after inspecting your vehicle. Respectable junkyards offer quite similar initial and final offers. If the rates are quite different, you have to trust your gut instinct and approach a different buyer.

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