A Practical Guide for Salvaging Your Car

If you need a provider of auto salvage in Killeen, Texas, it’s important to map out a plan of action before you contact an auto salvage business. We’re going to make developing that plan a little easier by providing you with a practical guide for salvaging your car. After you consider the points below and take the appropriate steps, you’ll be ready to offer your vehicle to a provider of auto salvage in Killeen and get a nice cash return that you can put toward a new car.

1. Remove Personal Documents

After they’ve been driven for a few years, many cars become repositories of personal information that drivers wouldn’t want falling into the hands of strangers. In the glovebox, inside the console, under seats, and in storage areas on seat backs are often found financial documents, traffic tickets, and old pieces of mail that should be removed to help prevent identity theft.

2. Pay Off Unresolved Tickets

Transferring legal ownership of your vehicle to a salvage lot will officially separate you from the vehicle, but that won’t erase unresolved tickets you accrued while you owned the car. And let’s face it: No one feels like settling tickets on a car they no longer own. Unless the tickets have been delinquent for a while, you’ll likely receive more than enough money for your car to cover them.

3. Secure Proof of Ownership

Now it’s time to take the first official step toward selling your car: officially proving that you own the vehicle. Most drivers do this by providing the owner’s title for their automobile, but any of the following documents can also be used to prove ownership: an auction sales receipt, a mechanic’s lien, a storage lot lien, or a repossession affidavit.

4. Receive Price Offers

How many price offers you receive is up to you, but it’s typically a good idea to receive at least three. Salvage cars are notoriously hard for their owners to price because the normally decrepit condition of the vehicles is not listed as a price tier in standard auto industry price guides. Receiving three offers from different salvage lots will give you a good idea of what your car is worth.

5. Receive Free Towing

Before you choose a provider of auto salvage in Killeen, be sure that the business offers free towing. Otherwise, you could end up using most of the money you receive from the sale to cover towing costs. Free towing is a common offering at salvage lots that are highly motivated to acquire cars. If you decide to sell your vehicle to Wrench-A-Part, you can count on receiving free towing.

Looking for Auto Salvage in Killeen?

If so, contact Wrench-A-Part. We’re a professionally operated junkyard that sells quality, used auto parts to consumers and works with recyclers to repurpose the leftover materials. We sell a high volume parts and continually need new vehicles in stock. So, we’d love to see your vehicle and make you a competitive price offer if we need the car in stock — and chances are that we do. Please contact us today by referring to the contact page on our website!  


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