Should You Leave Aftermarket Parts in Place When Salvaging A Vehicle?

Most auto manufacturers give you a nice range of options to choose from when you buy a new car, such as engines that offer different levels of horsepower, trim packages that dress up the cabin and body of the vehicle, and different types of brake systems. For some car enthusiasts, though, factory options aren’t enough. They buy the car they want, and then install aftermarket auto parts that significantly redefine its looks and performance.

When Tuner Cars Become Junkers

Despite their supreme level of customization, cars that contain a wide selection of aftermarket parts (a.k.a. tuner cars) share a commonality with standard vehicles: If you drive them long enough, they eventually reach the end of their lifespan, and would require an extensive overhaul to be restored to great driving condition.

Because the work needed to restore their vitality would typically cost more than the car is worth on the fair market, drivers in Belton, Texas, often consider selling end-of-life tuner cars to a provider of auto salvage in Belton. However, at the time of the sale, many of the cars’ aftermarket parts — especially ones that were installed recently — are still in good condition. So, drivers of tuner cars are naturally interested in recouping as much of their investment in aftermarket parts as possible.

With this in mind, is selling a tuner car to a provider of auto salvage in Belton a good option?

Yes and no. On the positive side, the salvage lot will apply value to your car’s aftermarket markets when deciding how much to offer you. However, the offer is likely to be based on the price of standard components and not ones that cost a pretty penny due to their aesthetic or mechanical uniqueness, and which were your choice to install. That’s the negative side. You’ll recover some of the money you spent on parts, but probably not nearly all of it.

Other Ways to Recoup Your Investment

The best way to preserve your investment in tuner car parts is to remove them from the vehicle before you sell it, and install them in your next vehicle. If the parts are “universal”, meaning they can be installed in a wide variety of vehicles, this scenario shouldn’t pose much of a problem. However, if the parts are designed for a specific make and model, you would need to buy a clone of the vehicle you will eventually junk.

Another option is to remove the parts and sell them to other car tuners. Because aftermarket performance and aesthetic upgrades can be exceptionally expensive, you’re likely to find some takers if the parts are in good condition and you offer a nice discount. You won’t receive as much as you paid for the parts, but you may get more than you would from a provider of auto salvage in Belton.

As long as your car contains plenty of salable components after you remove the aftermarket parts, you could still receive hundreds of dollars — and perhaps a bit more — by selling your car to a professionally operated salvage lot, especially if you can reinstall the standard parts that were replaced with tuner components.

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