Why Recirculating Parts is the Ultimate Form of Recycling

Auto recycling is performed by recycling recyclable materials from a vehicle — particularly steel from the frame and engine — to transform them into a highly compact form that’s easier to distribute to companies that use recyclables to create new products. However, in terms of environmental impact, recirculating recyclable parts to extend their lifespan is actually “greener” than the traditional auto recycling process. Below are three reasons why.

1. Helps Reduce Energy Consumption

Recycling scrap metal requires the material to be melted down, so it can be turned into other products. Considering that the melting process requires the furnace to reach a temperature at which steel alloys readily melt, the equipment uses an exceptional amount of energy, as industrial grade furnaces go.

Recirculating auto parts instead of recycling them the traditional way requires less energy consumption. The only energy used comes from the tow truck that comes to your property to tow away your wrecked or mechanically recalcitrant automobile.

2. Helps Reduce Emissions

Because recirculating car parts requires less energy than recycling them, it typically involves lower emissions than the auto recycling process. The tow truck that removes your car produces some emissions, but there is no large-scale, industrial grade equipment involved that creates emissions from melting down steel alloys. When it comes to emissions, recirculating parts has an obvious advantage over recycling them.

3. Reuses Entire Auto Component

Many auto parts are comprised of different materials. For example, metal parts can have rubber seals, and wiring components often contain metal, rubber, and plastic in a single unit. If a part contains material that can’t be recycled, a recycler will remove it, and thus create waste. When an auto part is purchased from a junkyard, the whole part is installed in the buyer’s car.

Ready to Get Rid of Your Junk Car?

If so, we’d love the opportunity to make you a competitive cash offer. When you sell your car to us, the usable parts are sold to consumers. Then, we forward leftover recyclables to auto recyclers. It’s the best of both worlds; most of the parts are recirculated to extend their lifespan, and only components that aren’t recirculated are sent to auto recycling companies.

To receive a free price quote for your end-of-life automobile, please call one of our Texas locations in Austin, Belton, Holland, or Lubbock today. We look forward to helping you ensure that your relinquished vehicle is used in the most environmentally conscious way.   

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