Auto Recycling: What Products Are Made From Recycled Cars?

Each years, nearly 100 percent of end-of-life vehicles that are taken off the road are recycled, providing recyclers with a variety of options for repurposing vehicular components in one form or another. While a vehicle recycler typically doesn’t focus on creating new products from the components, it forwards recycled materials to companies and organizations that do. Below are four products that are commonly created from materials that result from auto recycling.

1. New Car Frames

As bad as it may look right now, the frame of your car can be used to create new frames that gleam on the vehicle lots of automotive dealerships. Recent statistical data from the Automotive Recycling Association (ARA) indicates that, each year, “Recycling vehicles provides enough steel [for] almost 13 million new vehicles.” Auto recycling can turn your clunker into a new car.

2. New Tires

Just as old car frames can be recycled to create new ones, old tires can be recycled to create new ones, as well. Roughly 60 percent of the rubber that is consumed in the U.S. annually is used to make vehicle tires. Recycling old tires to create new ones helps reduce landfill use and eases the burden on rubber manufacturers to meet industry needs for new automotive tires.

3. Metal Cans

Metal cans that are used to contain everything from beer to paint can be made from reprocessed steel and aluminum from recycled vehicles. The next time you go to a grocery store or a hardware supply store, be sure to notice all the metal cans that contain food and other substances. Chances are that a meaningful percentage of them came from recycled car metal.

4. Metal Trolleys

Metal trolleys that are used in the hospitality industry and the healthcare industry can be created from recycled car metals, especially steel and aluminum. Making trolleys from recycled metal can reduce the cost of the products for end users by reducing the cost of the production process. The next time you see a metal trolley roll by, you may be looking at recycled car metal.

Need to Recycle Your Vehicle?

If so, selling your car to Wrench-A-Part is a great option. After we pay you a fair price for your end-of-life vehicle based on the salable parts in contains, we liquidate the leftover materials to auto recycling companies that process them, so they can be recycled into new products. If you would like to receive a price quote for your end-of-life vehicle, call one of our Texas business locations in Austin, Belton, or Lubbock today. We look forward to helping you recycle your car!

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