Auto Recycling: Vehicles are Great Candidates for Recycling

After they reach the end of their useful life, most vehicles are recycled in one capacity or another, but there are certain types of vehicles that are riper for the recycling process than others. If you own one of the following types of vehicles, you can contribute to the auto recycling process by selling or donating it to a junkyard that participates in recycling automobiles.

Vehicles With Salvage Titles

A vehicle that has a salvage title is difficult to sell to someone who needs a reliable car for transportation. This because a salvage title indicates that the vehicle has been seriously damaged in some way or declared to be “totaled” after an auto insurance company inspects it. Even so, you could still earn hundreds of dollars from the vehicle by selling it to a junkyard.

Vehicles That are Totaled

A car that is “totaled” would cost more to repair than it would sell for on the fair market. Consequently, these automobiles are often sold to a junkyard that participates in the auto recycling process. Unless your car is destroyed to the point of no longer possessing useful components, it probably has value to a junkyard that participates in auto recycling.

Legal Lemon Vehicles

From the time they leave the production line, lemon vehicles have a mechanical defect that can’t be repaired in a certain number of tries within a certain number of miles. Different states have different laws for lemon vehicle status. In most cases, the problem must try to be repaired 2-3 times, and the repairs must usually occur before the odometer reaches 18,000 miles.

Many junkyards like lemon vehicles because it’s easy to remove the defective component and sell the rest of the components to consumers. Recyclers also like lemon vehicles because the recyclable materials on the automobiles seldom contain rust or other corrosion. You shouldn’t sell a lemon vehicle as a used vehicle, but you can sell it to a junkyard that embraces recycling.

Vehicles That Haven’t Run for Years

In terms of its value to auto recyclers, the age of a vehicle is often of little concern. As long as the car’s recyclable parts haven’t oxidized to the point of being highly corroded, an auto recycler can salvage the parts and refine them into alloys that auto manufacturers can use to create new vehicles.


If you own a vehicle that has a salvage title, an automobile that is totaled, a legal lemon vehicle, or a junk automobile that hasn’t worked for a long period of time, Wrench-A-Part may be interested in buying the vehicle in order for our customers to remove parts from it. When the useful parts have been removed, we sell the scrap metal to recyclers, so they can reprocess it.

If you own one of the four types of vehicles above, don’t assume that we wouldn’t be interested in buying it (we also accept donated vehicles). We consistently pay some of the best prices in the industry for junk vehicles, and we would love to hear about the automobile you would like to sell. To receive a free price quote, contact our location in Austin, Belton, or Lubbock today.

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