How Junkyard Help Auto Recyclers

Auto recycling is a complex process in which junkyards that are dedicated to recycling vehicle parts can play a pivotal role by helping vehicle recyclers complete the recycling effort. Junkyards can make the recycling process easier for auto recycling companies in several ways. In this entry, we take a look at four major capacities in which eco friendly junkyards such as Wrench-A-Part help out vehicle recyclers.

1. Sell Usable Car Parts

Junkyards kick off the vehicle recycling process by selling usable parts from junk vehicles to consumers. When vehicle recyclers receive cars that have usable parts, they often sell the parts to mechanics and other parties that can use them directly. However, this extends the time of the recycling process and forces the recycler to operate as a parts seller, which is typically not one of the company’s core practices.

2. Remove Non-Recyclables

Just because a vehicle recycler considers some car parts to be non-recyclable doesn’t mean that another type of recycling outfit can’t recycle them. For example, upholstery recyclers, rubber recyclers, and glass recyclers often recycle car parts that vehicle recyclers don’t. Junkyards that work closely with vehicle recyclers can sell parts that the recyclers wouldn’t repurpose to companies that specialize in doing so.

3. Deliver Stripped Frames

Most auto recycling companies are primarily interested in recycling metal, particularly scrap metal in the form of stripped car frames. By selling usable car parts to consumers and liquidating materials that vehicle recyclers wouldn’t repurpose, junkyards benefit vehicle recyclers by delivering stripped car frames that can be placed in the car crusher and compacted immediately, and then melted down.

4. Reduce Turnaround Time

By selling used car parts to consumers, removing materials from vehicles that vehicle recyclers wouldn’t recycle, and delivering junk cars to recyclers in the form of stripped car frames, junkyards help vehicle recycling companies expedite the turnaround time for recycled materials. In turn, this helps recyclers earn more revenue and produce a higher volume of recycled metal in a given period of time.

Ready to Sell Your Junk Car?

If you own an end-of-life vehicle that you need to sell, contact Wrench-A-Part. We make some of the best offers for end-of-life vehicles and used vehicles in the junkyard industry. In addition to paying you a competitive price in cash, we’ll ensure that your car is recycled by selling its usable parts to consumers, and then selling the leftover parts and materials to the proper recyclers.

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