Auto Recycling: Following the Lead of General Motors

As the green movement continues to gain momentum, more auto manufacturers are refining their operations to produce less landfill waste. General Motors (GM) is one of these manufacturers. Today, 97 percent of the waste GM produces from manufacturing process is recycled, and the remaining three percent is converted into usable energy. Waste products GM recycles instead of sending to a landfill include scrap metal, paint sludge, and various types of shipping materials.

The Larger Auto Industry

Because companies like GM produce a significant amount of waste material, they typically receive the most attention when they find a way to recycle the waste. However, there are also smaller companies within the larger auto industry that make a positive impact when it comes to recycling automotive waste material. For example, junkyards such as Wrench-A-Part recycle old automobiles, with the goal of reducing landfill use and preserving the environment.

Selling Used Parts

The primary way junkyards prevent landfill use is selling used auto parts. Engine parts, body parts, and tire and brake parts are examples of components that can be sold and reused. In addition to benefitting the environment, reselling the components helps people save money.

Selling Scrap Metal

After a junk vehicle has been picked clean of usable parts, the remaining scrap metal can be sold to metal refineries or auto recycling companies. Instead of being covered up in a landfill, old car frames can be compacted, melted down, and used to create frames for new automobiles.

Eco Friendly Disposal

Leftover non-metal materials such as rubber engine tubing, seat upholstery, and plastic components in the cabin can be combusted to produce energy, as long as the combustion does not exceed emissions caps the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established.

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If you would like to sell or donate a junk car to a salvage lot that performs auto recycling, contact Wrench-A-Part. We are committed to disposing of car components and materials in a way that prevents landfill use and helps to preserve the environment. Just because your vehicle is “junk” does not mean it has to end up in a landfill. For more information about our auto recycling program, call our location in Austin, Belton, or Lubbock, or click here to use our contact form.

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