Auto Recycling: Selling Your Car to a Junkyard Can be Good for the Environment

Some people associate junkyards with landfills and mistakenly believe the former are places where vehicles are stored while they rust into non-existence. While this may be the way some junkyards operate, there are also junkyards that are eco friendly, and function as salvage lots where junk cars are recycled in two ways: by having their parts sold to consumers, and having the leftover scrap metal sold to scrap yards that process the material and sell it to recyclers.

What Happens in a Junkyard

When a car is sold to a junkyard, the buyer travels to the customer’s location, pays him for the vehicle, and tows it to the salvage lot for free. Once the automobile arrives at the yard, it is inventoried and placed in the lot, where consumers can remove parts from it using their own tools. If a customer needs to remove an engine, many junkyards provide an engine pulling A-frame, as well as a wagon or wheelbarrow for transporting parts to the payment destination.

Customers remove parts from four areas of the vehicle: the engine, the body, the cabin, and the tires. In many cases, a popular model junk car has its usable parts removed within a matter of weeks. In addition to the frame, common components that are left behind include: cracked windows, worn tires, and upholstery in the cabin and trunk. The windows and tires can easily be recycled, and the upholstery can be combusted so it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

When a junkyard is dedicated to eco friendly auto recycling, practically every component of a junk car is prevented from entering a landfill, where non-biodegradable material stays forever. The less landfills are used, the less land must be repurposed as landfill space. If you are dedicated to protecting the environment by limiting landfill use, selling your vehicle to a junkyard that performs eco friendly auto recycling, such as Wrench-A-Part, is an excellent way to do it.

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