Auto Recycling and Junkyards: Frequently Asked Questions

Many people aren’t aware of it, but some junkyards make a significant contribution to the auto recycling business, both in terms of supplying recyclables to recyclers and reducing the amount of junk car parts that need to be recycled. If you would like to sell your car to a junkyard, but you also want the vehicle to be recycled, you don’t have to choose. You can achieve both goals. If you have questions about how junkyards support auto recycling, check out the answers below.

How do junkyards support recycling without the help of recyclers?

Recycling auto parts technically means reusing them instead of sending them to a landfill. In addition to sending car components to recyclers, junkyards do this by selling car parts to drivers who use them to repair vehicles. The goal is to keep the parts from reaching a landfill or wasting away on someone’s private property. Selling reusable parts accomplishes the goal.

What vehicle components do junkyards send to auto recyclers?

Most vehicle recyclers specialize in processing metal car components, particularly car frames, the chassis on which the frames sit, and metal panels located in the undercarriage. Some recyclers go the extra mile and process glass and/or rubber parts in addition to metal ones, but this isn’t the norm. Most vehicle recycling outfits primarily process stripped down car frames.

Can you sell a car frame to a junkyard instead of an auto recycler?

Because the bread and butter of a junkyard’s business is selling reliable, used car parts, they don’t have a need for cast off car frames like the ones you see being smashed flat by car crushers at vehicle recycling businesses. Because most drivers have no need for old car frames, many junkyards simply don’t include the sale of car frames in their business model.

What do junkyards do with parts that auto recyclers don’t process?

A junkyard that is dedicated to auto recycling will have connections in the recycling industry that extend beyond conventional auto recyclers. For example, unusable tires are sent rubber recyclers, windshields and side windows are sent to glass recyclers, and upholstery is sent to textile recyclers or leather recyclers whenever possible. The goal is to reuse everything.

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