Auto Recycling: A Key Part of Reducing Landfill Use

When a car becomes old and unreliable, it may feel like it belongs in a junk heap, but before you deliver a junker to a landfill, take some time to consider the advantages of selling it to a junkyard that performs auto recycling. Below are some of the key benefits consumers receive when they sell junkers to salvage lots that perform recycling instead of sending the cars to landfills.

Get Paid for the Vehicle

Selling your car to a junkyard is likely to net you hundreds of dollars, so there is no reason to give the vehicle to a landfill for free. Junkyards are literally interested in buying all types of automobiles, from new domestic vehicles to old foreign vehicles and everything in between.

Free Towing Services

After the junkyard purchases your vehicle, it will tow it back to the salvage lot for free. If you have your car towed to a landfill, you are likely pay hundreds of dollars in towing fees. Selling to a junkyard can put money in your pocket; it can also prevent you from spending money.

Reduced Landfill Use

Junkyards that perform recycling play a significant role in reducing landfill use. Currently, 75% of the material from salvage cars is recyclable, and technologies are developing that will help recycle the remaining 30% of the automobiles that is combusted or delivered to a landfill.

Healthier Natural Environment

By decreasing landfill use, auto recycling inevitably benefits the natural environment. First, no residues from the engine make their way into water and soil. Second, no residues from the engine are in a position where they could cause a fire — a common occurrence at landfills.

Contact Us Today

If you have a junk car on your hands, call Wrench-A-Part and let us offer to buy it. If we decide to purchase the car, we will pay you in cash, and tow it for free. When the vehicle arrives at our lot, people will purchase its parts secondhand, then the leftover metal will be recycled instead of sent to a landfill. To learn more about our auto recycling services, call one of our locations today.

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