Auto Parts You Didn’t Know You Could Get From A Junkyard

If you need used car parts for sale in Austin, Texas, you should consider buying them from a junkyard. Compared to auto dealers that sell used car parts in Austin, junkyards offer a better price and often have a better selection of pre-owned components. In fact, there are probably some parts you never thought you get from a junkyard, but you can. If you need any of the components below, you can readily find them at an auto salvage yard.


Some junk vehicles have perfectly good tires. This is especially the case for vehicles that were “totaled” in a minor accident, and sold to a junkyard instead of being repaired. A new set of tires typically costs hundreds of dollars, but getting a good set of used tires from a salvage yard can cost much less than if the tires were new. If you need a set of tires, why not come to Wrench-A-Part and look for a set that has low wear?

Dashboard Instruments

The dashboard instruments on junk cars are usually in great condition, so there’s no need to pay a high price for the instruments when you can get them at an auto salvage yard that sells used car parts in Austin. Whether you need an embedded instrument like a speedometer or a surface component such as an air conditioning vent, you can likely find what you’re looking for at Wrench-A-Part – one of the top destinations for used car parts for sale in Austin.

Vintage Car Parts

If you buy parts for a vintage car from a vintage auto dealer, you can expect to pay ridiculously high prices. The parts are often out of production, so you end up paying for the rarity of the components instead of what they cost to produce. This does not happen at a junkyard. In most cases, vintage components don’t cost more than new ones. In fact, sometimes they cost less. If you’re restoring a vintage car, looking for components at a junkyard first is a smart choice.

Visit Wrench-A-Part

If you are looking for the best price on used car parts for sale in Austin, Texas, come to Wrench-A-Part. We have a great selection of components, all of which cost less than they would if you purchased them from an auto dealer that sells used car parts in Austin. Whether you’re looking for standard parts or unique components, check out our inventory of vehicles online today.

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