Do You Live in Austin And Want Cash For Your Car?

If you need to liquidate a salvage car or a used vehicle that still runs, where you sell the automobile, and the cost of services surrounding the sale, will determine how much money you receive. If this is your first time selling an automobile, and you need some advice on getting the best deal, refer to the tips below. They will help you maximize the sale value of your vehicle.

Sell to a Junkyard

If you need to sell a used vehicle that still runs, you may think that offering it to an auto dealership is the best option. However, because they have lower overhead, junkyards often make better offers for used vehicles than dealerships. If you need to sell a pre-owned vehicle that still runs, contact Wrench-A-Part today, and let us make you a competitive offer.

Receive Several Bids

Selling your car for cash in Austin should involve receiving more than one bid. If you can’t decide whether to sell your car to a dealership or a junkyard, receive at least three quotes from dealerships, and at least three quotes from junkyards. Remember, though, that the bids you receive are unlikely to be final offers unless an official vehicle inspection precedes them.

Receive a Free Inspection

Most junkyards will perform a free inspection of your vehicle. Better yet, you can typically have a junkyard travel to your location to do the inspection. Selling your car for cash in Austin to a junkyard that performs free inspections helps you save money and maximizes the profit you receive from the sale of the automobile. Wrench-A-Part performs free vehicle inspections.

Receive Free Towing

Selling your car for cash in Austin to a junkyard brings an advantage you may not receive if you sell the car to an auto dealership: free towing. Hooking the vehicle up to the tow truck and transporting it to the salvage lot could easily cost hundreds of dollars, which is roughly the price sellers receive for a junk car. Receiving free towing is essential for earning a significant profit.

Need to Sell a Vehicle?

If so, call Wench-A-Part. We are a professionally operated junkyard that makes some of the best offers for junk vehicles and used vehicles. We offer free inspections, free towing, and will pay for your vehicle in cash after receiving proof of ownership. To receive more information about our services, call our Austin location today at (512) 501-6946, or use our contact form.

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