Four Reasons to Donate Your Car

When they own an end-of-life vehicle, or a used vehicle that still runs but is no longer used for transportation, Some Austin residents consider selling the automobile to an Austin auto salvage lot that offers cash for junk cars.

However, like Wrench-A-Part, most professional salvage lots also acquire vehicles by donation. Selling your car has the advantage of putting cash in your pocket, but there are also some benefits that come from donating the car, such as the four below.

1. Car Will be Accepted

While there’s no guarantee a professional junkyard would buy your car if you decided to sell it, the business will almost always accept donations, as doing so involves less expense for the buyer than purchasing a car. If nothing else, the business can sell metal from the vehicle to an auto recycler, which makes accepting donations a win-win situation for Austin auto salvage lots.

2. No Unexpected Fees

When you donate your car to us, you won’t pay for towing, inspections, price quotes, or anything else associated with the sale of the vehicle, except perhaps acquiring proof of ownership, so you can sell the automobile legally. When you part with your car, you won’t get hit with a bill at the time of donation or later.

3. Buyer Comes to You

Whether your vehicle is drivable or not, the buyer will send a tow truck to your location to hook up the car, and tow it away for free. All you need to do is be present at the vehicle’s location when the truck arrives, so you can present proof of ownership, transfer it to the buyer, and hand over the keys.

4. Benefits Other Drivers

Last but certainly not least, donating your car is also beneficial because it helps other drivers afford used vehicles and parts that they otherwise couldn’t. Although donating your automobile to an Austin auto salvage provider doesn’t qualify as donating it to a charity, the decision to donate your car is nonetheless a charitable one.

Donate Your Car Today

If you need an Austin auto salvage business that accepts donated vehicles, consider Wrench-A-Part. We strive to make the donation process expedient and hassle-free. To inquire about donating your car, call us today at (877) 886-5739, or use our contact page. We help people part junkers and used vehicles, so other drivers can benefit from parts they find in our inventory.

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