Things That Give Early Model Junkers Value

Among junkyards, early model vehicles are widely considered to be automobiles that are over 10 years old. Although most junkyards tend to sell parts from new model cars faster than components from early model cars, there are some notable exceptions to the rule. If you have an early model junk vehicle, it may have monetary value to an Austin auto salvage lot for some of the following reasons: reputation for reliability, scrap metal value, and vintage vehicle status.

1. Reputation for Reliability

Cars that have a reputation for delivering excellent reliability over a long span of miles tend to be valuable to junkyards longer than automobiles that last for about 100k miles, and need several repairs and unscheduled maintenance checks to log those miles on the odometer.

Models from Honda and Toyota are good examples of how early model vehicles can be valuable to a junkyard, simply because they last so long even when driven daily. As long as a fair number of people still drive your make and model, the car’s parts likely hold value to a junkyard.

2. Value of Scrap Metal

The total weight of most consumer vehicles is comprised by steel — about 55 percent, to be specific. Other valuable metals are present, too (roughly 300 pounds of aluminum, for example) but it’s the steel that holds the most value to auto recyclers. If you offer your junker to an Austin auto salvage lot that sells scrap to recyclers, the car could be valuable for its scrap metal alone.

3. Vintage Vehicle Status

Some vintage vehicles are worth so much that it’s more sensible to offer them to a museum or a private collector than trying to sell them to a junkyard — a business that typically pays hundreds of dollars and not thousands of dollars to acquire vehicles that are worse for wear.

However, there are also quite a few vintage vehicles that don’t have a high price tag but are popular among car enthusiasts, who value the vehicles independent of their monetary value. If you have a vintage make and model that fits this description, a junkyard would probably be interested in buying it for a competitive price.

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