Are Junkyard Parts Any Good?

When you think of a junkyard, you likely envision a graveyard of abandoned, rusty cars that were either run to the bitter end, wrecked in a crash, or left to sit in the elements for years. Not only is the picture we have of a junkyard a creepy environment, but the thought of searching through these old abandoned cars for a part that may or may not work often seems like more effort than it’s worth. The truth of the matter, however, is that a reputable junkyard will help you find the part you need from a selection of cars that are still full of functional parts.

How to Find Good Parts

Junkyards can be great places to find the parts you need when you are watching your budget because they are second-hand items. The trick is to know the best way to work the yards to find what you need. Calling junkyards and searching for parts can be a time-consuming task if you are blindly calling or visiting every salvage yard in your area. However, your mechanic will often have insight into which junkyards are most likely to have what you need, as they have business connections they have built over the years.

It would be best if you also looked for junkyards that track their inventory with an organized system. Larger, well-established yards keep detailed records of the cars they have in their inventory and on incoming vehicles and the available parts. Smaller businesses may require a little more time, though, as they may need to go out and look for the part or may require you to come and search for it yourself.

Junkyards can be great ways to save money while improving your vehicle’s appearance or functionality. They are perfect for those who are working on a budget or restoring a car that they don’t drive every day. The idea that all junkyards are full of rust buckets with worthless parts is simply untrue. You can often find vehicles that have recently been acquired by the yard, as they move inventory.

How to Get Your Parts

There are a few tips to keep in mind when you are looking for a part from a scrapyard. First, you should use the company’s system to set up email alerts when a vehicle you need parts from comes into their inventory and be prepared to act quickly before someone else beats you to it. You also want to be sure that you have the proper tools to get your salvaged part from the vehicle if the junkyard requires you to pull the part yourself. Most junkyard aficionados find that having a great tool bag to take with them makes the whole process a lot easier.

Make Wrench A-Part Your Go-to

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