Acquiring Self-Service Auto Parts: Frequently Asked Questions

The primary specialty of professionally operated junkyards is supplying consumers with repair parts and replacement parts for their automobiles. If this will be your first time acquiring self-service auto parts from a junkyard, there are a few preparations you should make before traveling to a junkyard to acquire pre-owned auto parts. If you have questions about acquiring pre-owned parts from a junkyard, the answers to the following questions should be helpful.

Can I Check the Inventory of a junkyard online?

Some professionally operated junkyards list their vehicle inventory online to make it easy for customers to see if the businesses have the car from which they need components. However, it should be noted that, just because a junkyard has the car from which you need parts doesn’t guarantee that it contains the parts you need. You will need to inspect the vehicle in your own.

Do junkyards supply tools for removing large parts?

Some junkyards do supply tools for removing large parts. For example, Wrench-A-Part providers customers with wagons and wheelbarrows for transporting large parts or a large volume of small parts to the payment destination. We also provide an engine pulling A-frame to customers who need to remove an entire engine to replace their car engine that doesn’t work.

How can I move large parts to the payment location?

When you shop at Wrench-A-Part, you have three options for transporting parts to the payment location: use the wagons we provide free of charge, using the wheelbarrows we supply at no cost, or flex your muscles and carry the parts that you need by hand. We offer easy ways to transport your part(s) to the payment counter. Take full advantage of the options  if you need to.

Do certain rules that apply to the salvage car lot?

Most professionally operated junkyards that sell self-service auto parts have rules that apply to the lot where vehicles are inventoried. For example, most junkyards require you not to smoke or drink while in the salvage lot, as well as requiring you to wear shoes that don’t expose your feet to easy injury. Another common requirement is not using flame cutters to remove auto parts.

Is it possible to purchase a part warranty for each part?

Receiving a parts warranty for pre-owned auto parts in not the norm, but Wrench-A-Part does offer a parts warranty option of 1$ per part per day. If you question whether used parts will deliver the same reliability as new parts, purchasing part warranties is the optimal choice. If the parts malfunction during the warranty period, you will be provided with parts that perform better.

How much is the average discount for junkyard parts?

Discounts are assessed on a part by part basis. With that said, it is common to encounter a discount of 50 percent or more when purchasing self-service auto parts from a junkyard. The steep discount on parts is one of the main reasons drivers buy parts from junkyards. When you get parts from us, you pay less the you would to get them from a mechanic or an auto dealer.

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