4 Ways to Speed Up Your Trip to the Junkyard

There are probably some machine heads out there who like to spend hours looking around junkyards, admiring the contours of past makes and models, as they get round to selecting the part they came for. But most people who buy used auto parts in Lubbock from junkyards are at the salvage lot on a speedy mission: Get the part they need to get their vehicle running well again. Assuming this is the type of junkyard experience you want, below are four ways to speed up your trip to the junkyard.

1. Get Your Tools Ready

Practically every part you might need from a car can be removed with a set of wrenches and screwdrivers. Bring along a mallet and or a small hammer for tapping parts loose, and you should be good to go. If you plan on removing a longer piece, such as a drivetrain, you may also want to bring some C-clamps to hold the object in place while you remove it at all points.

2. Check the Online Inventory

Because many junkyards list their vehicle inventory online, refreshing it by the hour, don’t mess with junkyards that you need to visit to see if they have the car you need. Just to be up the moment and ensure that the car you need is there, it’s a good idea to call. When you get someone on the line, you can also inquire about the availability of the part you need.

3. Use Junkyard Equipment

We started out telling you to get your tools ready, but there are some tools you probably don’t own, such as an engine pulling A-frame. And if you need to remove an engine, you probably won’t tote along the wagon or wheelbarrow needed to transport the equipment to the payment counter. That’s why we provide engine pulling A-frames, wheelbarrows, and wagons for customers to use.

4. Don’t Wait Until it Rains

For efficiency’s sake, the best time to remove to get used auto parts in Lubbock from a junkyard is when it isn’t coming a torrential downpour. Raised car hoods aren’t umbrellas, and they won’t do much to keep windblown rain out of your face. Then there’s the issue of your tools getting wet and potentially losing grip. We know we’re talking common sense here, but coming when precipitation isn’t heavy can help.

Check Our Inventory Online

If you live in Lubbock, and there’s a car, truck, or SUV that you need parts from, checking if we have the vehicle in stock is easy. Just visit the online inventory page for our Lubbock location and use the information fields. We sell used auto parts in Lubbock, Austin, Belton, and Holland. For questions about our vehicles or services, please call us today at (806) 748-7278, or use the contact form on our website.          

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