4 Essential Tips for Choosing an Auto Salvage Yard

Are there any salvage yards near me? If you’re asking this question, and you live in a relatively well-populated area — or within a few miles of one — the answer is probably yes. However, there’s more than geographical proximity to consider when choosing a salvage yard (a.k.a. junkyard). In addition to distance, below are four things to consider about a salvage yard before you buy parts or sell a vehicle.

1. Online Inventory

A junkyard that keeps an online inventory can save you lots of time. Instead of visiting the location, you check online to see if the vehicle you need parts from is in stock. If it is, take a trip to the vehicle’s salvage lot location as quickly as possible to secure the part.

2. Free Towing

If you plan to sell a vehicle to an auto salvage yard, having the vehicle towed to the business for free increases your profit. Towing a vehicle even a short distance can cost a few hundred dollars once all of the fees are added in, which is roughly the value of the average junk vehicle.

3. Parts Warranty

If you need to buy car components, check to see if the junkyard offers a parts warranty. If it does, you have the opportunity to protect your purchase against unforeseen problems with faulty parts.

A parts warranty is a great option for consumers who are highly investment conscious. Just be sure not to overpay. Wrench-A-Part offers a parts warranty option for $1 per part, per day.

4. Payment Arrangement

When you sell a car to an auto salvage yard, you should receive payment when you relinquish ownership of the vehicle to the buyer. The exchange is typically made when the junkyard shows up on your property to tow the car away. If possible, sell to a junkyard that pays you in cash to eliminate possible payment delays that could come with receiving a check.

Looking for Texas Salvage Yards?

If so, Wrench-A-Part has four locations that can help you answer the question: Are there any salvage yards near me? Visit us online to see our inventory of vehicles in Austin, Belton, Holland, and Lubbock. We maintain a large inventory of vehicles and continually need new cars in stock. This means we’re likely to have the parts you need or would be interested in acquiring your vehicle. Contact us today to inquire about parts or sales!

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