Types of Self Service Auto Yards to Avoid

Self service auto yards are great places to shop to save money on car parts. Customers often walk away paying less than half of a part’s original price. But the prospect of saving money isn’t the only thing to consider when you choose a self service auto yard. You should think of your safety, for example — and your sanity, too. Once you read about the following three types of auto yards to void, you’ll see what we mean.

1. Yards That Stack Cars High

Some junkyards are like thriving metropolises. There isn’t enough ground space to accommodate everything on an even plane; so, things start heading toward the sky. But if you thought towering skyscrapers could be dangerous, they’re nothing compared to a sandwich of salvage cars stacked eight vehicles high.

These types of yards often deal in scrap, and some of them are essentially just landfills that are above ground — not the type of self service auto yard you want to walk around in without wearing a hard hat.

2. Yards That are One With Nature 

It’s a good to be environmentally conscious, but letting the wilderness encroach on your junkyard is taking things a bit far. Yet, that’s exactly what some ill-kempt junkyards do. These businesses are often “mom and pop” operations that are primarily in the business of selling scrap, but some of them let you buy parts.

It’s not just briars and poison ivy that you need to watch out for, though; it’s the animals and stinging insects that could nest in the weeds. If removing an engine first requires removing a hornet’s nest, there’s definitely an easier way.

3. Yards That Have No Organization

Saving money by getting used auto parts starts to lose its value when you have to search for hours for what you need, with no guarantee of finding it. But that’s what you’re faced with at junkyards whose inventory looks like it was organized by a tornado.

Prices at these yards are often excessively low. So, they do draw some customers, who are often intrepid gearheads, who treat the experience like a flea market and look for that one rare find. If this isn’t your idea of an enjoyable visit to a junkyard, shop elsewhere.

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