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Donate or Recycle Your Junk Vehicle

Wrench-A-Part Used Auto Parts: Donate or Recycle Your Old Junk Vehicle
Perhaps you may feel like you are in the giving mood, feeling generous, or simply do not think your car is worth any amount of money—whatever the case may be, we at Wrench-A-Part are appreciative to those who are willing to donate or recycle their old junk vehicle to us. We guarantee your junk vehicle will be put to good use, and someone at some point will be quite thankful for the used parts-vehicle they found at one of our three facilities – Austin, Belton and Lubbock Texas. Wrench-A-Part thanks you for your generous donation and appreciates your willingness to recycle your vehicle, where it will surely find a home in one of our three used auto parts yards.

Please fill out the form to the below, and, after evaluating the information, one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the form, or the transaction, please feel free to Contact Us, and a Wrench-A-Part representative will happily assist you.

Donate or Recycle Your Old Junk Vehicle

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