Using a Pick and Pull Salvage Yard in Belton, TX, to Build a Classic Hot Rod

Building a classic hot rod often requires a significant amount of two things: time and money. If you have the time to build a hot rod but not the money, there may be a way to afford the parts you need after all: buying them from a pick and pull salvage yard in Belton, TX. New parts for classic hot rods can easily cost hundreds of dollars each, but used hot rod parts from a junkyard cost significantly less. Discounts of more than 50 percent off the original price are common.

U-pick Yards Versus Counter-Jockey Yards

There are two basic types of professionally operated junkyards: u-pick yards, where customers are responsible for picking and pulling their own vehicle parts; and so-called “counter-jockey” yards, where parts are already removed from vehicles and ready for you to buy. Getting vintage hot rod parts from a counter-jockey yard may seem like the most hassle-free option. However, there are two potential disadvantages of buying auto components from this type of junkyard.

  • Because parts are already pulled, the cost of labor increases their price.
  • Counter-jockey yards deal mostly with new vehicles and not oler ones.

Counter-jockey yards keep an inventory of mostly late model vehicles, but the vehicle inventory at u-pick yards is typically comprised of both early model and late model vehicles. Not only do u-pick yards have less expensive parts than counter-jockey yards; they are also likelier to carry the vintage vehicle from which you need parts. In terms of cost and availability of components, shopping at a pick and pull salvage yard in Belton, TX, is the best option for hot rod parts.

Contact Wrench-A-Part Today

If you need parts to build a classic hot rod, Wrench-A-Part is a great place to find them. Our inventory of vehicles is constantly expanding and includes early model cars that may be useful to your hot rod rebuild project. We list our vehicle inventory online. To see if we have the vehicle from which you need parts, just visit the website for our pick and pull salvage yard in Belton, TX, and browse through the inventory. For more information, give us a call today at (254) 831-4905.


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