4 Safety Checks for Buying Used Tires

We know that can tires can be recycled, but can they be reused? It’s a much asked question with answers on both sides. Safety teetotalers would like us to believe that tires can’t be reused from the moment they first touch the pavement. But the reality is that most tires are rated to drive a certain number of miles before the manufacturer says they need to be replaced.

As long as the mileage on used tire sets in Austin is within the manufacturer’s recommendations, there’s no reason not to consider saving money by purchasing the tires. However, because the tires are used, it’s important to do a close inspection to make sure you’re getting a bargain and not a set of tires that’s about to go bust.

1. Look for Objects in Tread

Not everything that punctures a tire deflates it. Tires can pick up nails, screws, bolts, and all kinds of other small, metal objects from the roadway. For a while, the objects might not cause a problem, but they could easily lose their makeshift seal, and cause the tire to deflate.

2. Gently Spray Tire With Water

This is a good way to check for leaks. If small leaks are present, they’ll cause the water to bubble up in the area of the leak. The leaks you find this way are insidious and small, and often increase  as pressure is placed on the tire. Applying mild soap water works even better, as the soap produces more bubbles, but make sure this is alright with the junkyard before you do it.

3. Measure Tread Depth

According to the Bridgestone website, “The U.S. Department of Transportation recommends replacing tires when they reach 2/32”, and many states legally require tires to be replaced at this depth.” If the tread gets any thinner, it can significantly decrease handling and compromise braking inertia, especially under slick conditions.

4. Rotate and Look for Damage

Before you transport your set of tires to the payment counter, give them a once over by rotating them while they remain on the wheel. Look for chunks of missing rubber, weather wear in the form of fine cracks in the rubber, and lacerations that look they could affect the rubber’s ability to hold pressure. After the final check, you’re ready to save money by purchasing pre-owned tires.

Need Used Tire Sets in Austin?

If so, Wrench-A-Part has them. Many of the end-of-life vehicles we receive are late model and contain tires that have little wear. Some of these tires would cost you hundreds of dollars each at a tire shop, but we’re able to offer them for much less because we buy them at junkyard prices. To see if we have the used tire sets in Austin you need, visit the online inventory for our Austin location on our website, or call us today at (512) 501-6946.

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