Used Auto Parts in Lubbock: When to Use a Warranty

When you buy a new auto part, it usually comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts at least a few months. But a warranty usually isn’t on the table when you buy a used part. Unless the component is new enough to be under the manufacturer’s warranty, it’s sold as-is. There are, however, some exceptions, such as the warranty program Wrench-A-Part offers for used parts: $1 per part, per day.

When to Buy Our Warranty

We inspect every vehicle we purchase, and remove any parts that are damaged or badly worn. However, even among parts considered salable, some have heavier wear than others by virtue of their function alone. Below are some common examples of these parts.

  • Brake calipers
  • Fuel pump
  • Water pump
  • Gaskets
  • Engine belts
  • Clutch

These six parts receive steady wear, regardless of how you drive. Consequently, they often need to be replaced sooner than other components, which makes it advisable to protect them with a warranty. But how much should you invest? We cover this below.

How to Use Our Warranty

First, consider the cost of the part. If it’s a high-dollar component like a clutch, putting it under warranty for a couple of months wouldn’t be a bad investment. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be prudent to drop $60 on a timing belt warranty, when you could buy the belt new for under $100.

Second, consider what you want to achieve with a warranty. When they buy our used auto parts in Lubbock, most who add warranties do so to avoid getting stuck with parts that quickly malfunction (although we seldom see this). For example, say you spend $20 to warranty a water pump. If the part has leaky seals, you should learn about it quickly by performing an inspection after a drive. If the part is bad, you’re compensated.

Moreover, the warranty option is valuable as a financial safety net while a used part reveals whether it’s reliable. Using our warranty this way keeps you from both investing too much in a warranty and investing in a recalcitrant part that puts you back at square one.

Looking for Used Auto Parts in Lubbock?

If so, Wrench-A-Part is a great destination. We sell reliable, used auto parts in Lubbock, and give you the option of placing what you buy under an affordable warranty. For more information about our warranty program, call us today at (806) 748-7278. We look forward to hearing from you!

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