How to Pull Used Car Parts at a Junk Yard in Texas

If you have decided to buy used car parts at a junkyard in Texas instead of purchasing them from a garage or a private seller, you are making a good financial decision. Components from junkyards typically cost over 50 percent less than components sold by other sellers. However, unless you know how to retrieve the parts you need, that discount won’t do you much good. If this is your first time getting used car parts at a junk yard, be sure to check out the tips below before you make a trip to the salvage lot to get your components.

Check the Online Inventory

Customer oriented salvage lots keep a record of their inventory online. Before you make a trip to the lot, you can check to see if it contains the vehicle that you need components from. You may also find out about the availability a specific component by contacting the business. Checking its online inventory before you arrive at a junkyard helps you save time and money.

Bring Your Own Tools

Most salvage lots don’t provide hand tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers, as they are easy to lose and steal. So, be sure to pack your toolbox before you set off for the junkyard. In addition to wrenches, ratchets and screwdrivers, tools that are helpful for removing components include: mallets, pry bars, and supports that can hold components in place.

Request an Engine Pulling A Frame

One tool that you won’t have to bring is an engine pulling A-frame — at least not when you visit Wrench-A-Part. Most people don’t own an engine pulling hoist or cherry picker, and they would have a hard time transporting it if they did. That’s why we supply the tool to anyone who must remove an engine. You can request an engine pulling A-frame by visiting our onsite business office.

Request Transport Equipment

Wrench-A-Part also supplies transport equipment in the form of wagons and wheelbarrows, which are great for transporting large components and multiple small components, respectively. When you pull used car parts at a junkyard in Texas it’s important to have a way to transport them to the payment terminal. Wrench-A-Part makes this easy by providing transport equipment.

Call Wrench-A-Part Today

If you plan to buy used car parts at a junk yard in Texas, Wrench-A-Part is the place to come. We provide a safe, organized lot with equipment to help you pull and transport components. We also list our inventory online to help our customers save time and money. To learn more about our services, browse through our website or call us today.