Should You Buy Used Vehicles for Sale From a Junkyard or an Auto Dealer?

A person typically purchases a used automobile for one of two reasons: the vehicle is considered a classic, and the buyer wants to restore it to perfect condition; or the buyer is looking for a reliable mode of transportation that doesn’t cost as much as a new set of wheels.

More often than not, people head to used auto dealers and dealers of new and used automobiles in search of used cars that offer what they need. However, buying from an auto dealer shouldn’t be considered the only option; drivers should also consider buying a car from a junkyard.

Not Everything is “Junk”

Unbeknownst to some drivers, many junkyards specialize in selling both usable auto parts from junk vehicles and pre-owned vehicles that are still useful for transportation. So, if you are looking for a supplier of used vehicles for sale, why should you consider purchasing a used car from a junkyard instead of an auto dealership? In most cases, there are four main reasons.

Auto Dealers Have High Markups

Almost everyone knows that auto dealers mark up the price of used cars to where it is much higher than the MSRP, but exactly how high is the markup? For many auto dealerships, marking up the price of used cars 45 percent above the MSRP is a common practice, one that helps them afford their high overhead and competitive monthly revenue goals for used car sales.

Junkyards Use Industry Price Guides

Auto dealers use industry price guides, too, but the price tag for a used car is typically much higher than its fair market value, as listed in the guides. Junkyards, however, often stick closer to the fair market value of a vehicle, which puts you in the position to save hundreds or thousands of dollars by purchasing an automobile from a junkyard instead of an auto dealer.

Auto Dealers Instigate You to Buy

Most auto dealers make it a point not to let serious shoppers leave the lot without committing to a vehicle purchase — a practice that helps them meet their competitive revenue goals. Because they earn the majority of revenue from selling used car parts, most junkyards don’t take this stringent approach. Furthermore, junkyards seldom staff salespeople, who make hard pitches.

Junkyards Don’t Sell Salvage Vehicles

Scrupulous junkyards sell salvage vehicles in the form of auto parts, but they don’t offer them as used automobiles. Some auto dealers, on the other hand, are known to repair vehicle’s that have a salvage title, and place them in the used car lot. Because salvage cars have been severely damaged or deemed a total loss by an insurance carrier, they are a risky buy, to say the least.

Contact Wrench-A-Part

If you’re shopping for reliable, used vehicles for sale for less money than you would pay at a auto dealership, Wrench-A-Part is the business to call. We are a professionally operated junkyard with multiple locations in Texas. In addition to our sizable inventory of junk vehicles, from which you can pull parts, we also offer a meaningful selection of used automobiles.

To shop our used vehicles for sale, simply visit our website, where we list our inventory of junkers and used cars by location. We look forward to helping you find the right vehicle!

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