Selling Your Car for Cash in Austin: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Selling your car for cash to a junkyard in Austin isn’t hard, but you need to know the rules for the transaction, and which types of services to receive to make the sale as profitable as possible. If this is your first time selling your car for cash in Austin to a junkyard, avoiding the common mistakes below will help you prepare for the sale and maximize your return from the sale.

Not Having Proof of Ownership

Your car may be headed for the salvage lot, but law requires you to prove you own the vehicle before you liquidate it to a junkyard. In addition to the owner’s title, an auction sales receipt, a mechanic’s lien, a storage lot lien, or a repossession affidavit can establish proof of ownership. Your state’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can tell you how to get a new owner’s title.

Agreeing to Accept Payment Later

When you relinquish the vehicle’s proof of ownership to the buyer, you surrender ownership of the vehicle. Therefore, you should be paid when you hand over the document, not later. Some junkyards may have a practical reason for suggesting they pay you later. However, because most salvage lots will pay you in cash on the spot, this isn’t a request you should accept.

Transporting the Vehicle to the Buyer

If you’re selling a used vehicle that still operates, driving it to the dealer may expedite the sale. However, if the automobile isn’t drivable, don’t pay a tow truck transport it to the junkyard. Towing a vehicle even a small distance can cost hundreds of dollars, and plenty of salvage lots offer free towing services to customers. Sell your car to a junkyard that offers free towing.

Selling an Operable Vehicle as Junk

If you have a vehicle that is old but still drives, you may cut yourself short on the sale if you choose to sell is it as a junk car. In addition to salvage vehicles, some junkyards buy pre-owned cars that still drive. Why sell a used car to a junkyard instead of an auto dealer? In many cases, the junkyard makes a better offer because it has lower overhead.

Call Wrench-A-Part Today

Selling your car for cash in Austin isn’t difficult when you have what you need to complete the sale, know what to expect from the transaction, and know what types of buyers to avoid. If you need to sell a salvage car or a used car in Austin, call Wrench-A-Part’s Austin location today at (877) 886-5739. We consistently offer higher prices than the competition.


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