Selling a Junker to an Austin, Texas, Car Buyer: Helpful Tips

Interested to “sell my car for cash” to an Austin, Texas, car buyer that pays for junkers? If so, the process is surprisingly easy. But there are three steps you can take to encourage the sale: Remove personal items from the vehicle before the tow truck arrives, remove car parts that are non-functional to the point of irreparability, and have proof of ownership in hand before the tow truck arrives your location to pay you for the car, and then tow it to the junkyard.

Remove Personal Items

If you keep the cabin of your vehicle immaculately clean and organized, you can probably accomplish this step in a few minutes. Obviously, some personal items shouldn’t be left in the car you plan to sell, such as financial documents, proprietary workplace documents that must not be shared, and any items that have high personal value.

Regardless of what you need to retrieve, the primary point is to remove it before the tow truck arrives. If you wait to start removing items after the truck arrives, you’re wasting the junkyard’s time ― time in which its trucks could be towing other junk vehicles.

If the tow truck driver has a tight schedule for picking up other vehicles, don’t be surprised if the truck leaves to keep other business on schedule, and then comes back for your vehicle when it’s ready to go.

Remove Broken Parts

Removing broken parts isn’t a must. The junkyard would remove them after performing a careful inspection, but you can save the buyer time by removing them yourself.

In addition to expediting the junkyard’s parts assessment process, you remove the possibility of the recalcitrant parts inadvertently ending up in the hands of consumers. Think of it as being a good steward to the junkyard and its customers, who will pull parts from the car after it’s in the salvage lot.

Have Proof of Ownership

Not removing personal items and faulty parts won’t necessarily keep an Austin, Texas, car buyer from purchasing your vehicle, but not proving you own the vehicle will halt the sale.

Buying a car that lacks proof of ownership is illegal in Texas, so you need to produce one of the following official documents that confirm ownership: vehicle owner’s title, auction sales receipt, mechanic’s lien, storage lot lien, and repossession affidavit. You’ll use these documents to finalize the sale and transfer ownership from you to the buyer.

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Wrench-A-Part is an Austin, Texas, car buyer that makes it easy to sell junkers that are well past their prime. Towing services are free. As long as you have an ownership document that can be transferred to the buyer, and you have your vehicle ready to tow, you’re good to go.

To see if we need your end-of-life automobile in our inventory, call us today in Austin at 512-501-6946. We look forward to examining your car and offering a competitive payment in cash. Contact us today to get started on the sale!

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