Sell My Car for Cash to a Junkyard: Why is the Price Lower Than Expected?

Owners of junk cars that sell their vehicles to a Lubbock, Texas, car buyer commonly have two motivations to “sell my car for cash”: They wish to remove a vehicular eyesore from their property, and/or they want a cash payment they can use as they please. Often, sellers have both of these motivations, but motivation can be dampened when they receive a lower than expected sale offer.

Why a Lubbock, Texas, Car Buyer May Offer Lower Prices Than Expected

The average price for standard, end-of-life automobile is roughly $300. This is generally the amount you can expect to receive from the sale. When the offer is lower, there are at least three reasons why the Lubbock, Texas, car buyer you’re working with may make the lower offer.

1. Many Parts Have Already Been Removed

The primary value of junk vehicles to junkyards depends on four things: the make and model of the car, how popular the vehicle is with current drivers, the age of the automobile, and how many reusable parts from the car can be sold to customers looking for used, spare parts.

If you have already removed a significant amount of your vehicle’s parts, you may receive a sale offer that’s lower than the average payout.

2. A Fire or Other Accident Destroys Parts

Junkyards still buy vehicles that have experienced an accident that ruins most or all of the salable parts in the automobile. However, junkyards often sell the cars to vehicle recyclers, without first placing them in the salvage lot.

In this case, the amount you receive is largely based on what the recycler would pay a junkyard to acquire an automobile in this condition.

Depending on the recycler’s prices for scrap car frames, the sale offer could potentially be lower than the average price junkyards pay for a vehicle.

3. The Vehicle is Unpopular With Drivers

A Lubbock, Texas, car buyer typically prefers cars that current drivers routinely need parts for. For example, a ubiquitous car such as the 2015 Ford Taurus is driven by many people. Consequently, it only makes sense to keep the car continually in stock.

On the flip side, while specialty cars such as Bentleys and Ferraris also need replacement parts, few people own the cars, so the market for secondhand parts is quite low for the vehicles.

Furthermore, drivers who can afford expensive autos usually have them serviced by the auto dealer. The service is more expensive than if your did it yourself with used replacement parts, but the price of dealer services are usually no object for those who can afford a six-figure car.

There’s a good chance that selling a high-end car to an individual who wishes to customize it could bring a bigger payout than selling to a junkyard.

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