Self-Service Used Auto Parts: Three Myths About “Pick and Pull”

The phrase “pick and pull” is a common in the junkyard business. At junkyards that sell used auto parts from end-of-life vehicles, customers “pick” the parts they want, and then “pull” the parts from the vehicle using their own tools.

Pick and pull is a simple scenario that helps drivers acquire replacement parts for bargain prices, but this hasn’t stopped misinformation about the process from spreading through the consumer landscape. If you are considering buying self service used auto parts from a Lubbock, Texas, car buyer that operates as a junkyard, don’t let the three myths below get in the way of picking and pulling the auto parts you need.

1. You Can Use Whichever Tools You Wish

This statement is largely true, but there are certain tools that many junkyards prohibit,  particularly flame cutting equipment. Junkyards don’t allow the use of flame cutters for the same reason that they typically prohibit smoking on the premises: A errant spark could cause flammable residues in the engine compartment to ignite, and destroy the very car that you need to pull parts from.

2. The Junkyard Won’t Help You Remove Parts

At some junkyards, this is statement true; you receive no help at all from the business, regardless of how difficult it is to pull a particular part you have picked. However, there are many junkyards that do offer assistance by providing an A frame for hoisting an engine out of the engine compartment. Some junkyards also offer wagons and/or wheelbarrows for transporting large parts or assortments of smaller parts to the payment destination.

3. Parts You Purchase Don’t Have a Warranty

While it’s true that many junkyards don’t have a warranty program for self service used auto parts, finding a junkyard that offers a warranty is not exactly a rarity. Junkyards that offer a warranty often provide coverage for small increments of time to make the warranty option financially flexible. For example, Wrench-A-Part is a Lubbock, Texas, car buyer that offers a used parts warranty of $1 per part, per day.

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